Our Products Clean All Surfaces

Our Products Clean All Surfaces

What are the applications of chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide has many applications. It is used in the electronics industry to clean circuit boards, in the oil industry to treat sulfides and as a bleach for textiles and candles. It's used most often to bleach paper. Chlorine dioxide also has the advantage that it produces less harmful byproducts than chlorine.

Because it is a strong oxidizer, chlorine dioxide can be used to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. Contact Steri Tab Lab at 325-201-1127 to purchase some today.

3 ways you can use chlorine dioxide

When dissolved in water, chloride dioxide becomes a versatile cleaning product. It can be used to sterilize:

  1. Medical and laboratory equipment
  2. Countertops and tables
  3. Door handles, light switches and other high-use items

This chemical is even sometimes used to kill anthrax, so you can be sure that it's effective. Call today to stock up on a powerful, safe cleaning solution.